Tuesday, 22 May 2012

hack secured sites with advanced havij

hack websites with advanced havij {advanced sqli tools}

First of all I make it clear that we does not make people ethical HACKER . here all posts are only for knowledge purpose don't missuse your skills
hello guyz first i make it clear that all post are only for knowladge purpose if u missuse it we r not responsible for it.

talk about site hacking so this is the best way name havij!

download havij 1.8 - HAVIJ [main enemy antivirus]
now search for a  vulnerabale website.

    1. use any link after running the software. and opening it


2. Now click in the "Analyze"

3.Then It shows some messages there....Be alert on it and be show patience for sometime to find it's vulernable and type of injection and if db server is mysql and it will find database name.Then after get it's database is name like xxxx_xxxx

4.Then Move to another operation to find tables by clicking "tables" .Now click "Get tables" Then wait some time if needed

5. After founded the tables ,you can see there will be "users" Put mark on it and click in the " get columns " tab 
6.  In that Just put mark username and password and click "Get data"

7.  Got now id and pass that may be admin
The pass will get as md5 you can crack it also using this tool...:p

i hope you understand after performing the steps you are able to crack victims website itz really advanced sql....:D

i u cant understand leave comments soon i will provide video tutorial!